We Believe That Raise Arizona Is Only As Strong As The Businesses It Represents.

Apply today to begin your certification process. If you are not paying a living wage we may still be able to assist you with information about additional benefits that may help your business qualify.

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We have worked to assemble a strategic marketing campaign to help certified businesses succeed as you implement a living wage and grow your workforce.

Benefits of Certification

  • You are entitled to use the Raise Arizona Living Wage Employer logo to promote your business.
  • You receive Raise Arizona merchandise, including storefront identification, materials for shoppers, and other promotional materials.
  • You appear on our website, in a searchable database so consumers and prospective employees can easily see who pays a Living Wage.
  • You become part of a strategic network of employers who support and promote a Living Wage.
  • You are included in press coverage to highlight your business.
  • We will keep you up to date through our regular newsletter with the latest developments on the Raise Arizona campaign.