Benefits of a Living Wage

Good for Business

Raise Arizona’s goal is to promote certified businesses by providing additional support, resources, and exposure.

Good for Families

Living wages end poverty among working people by providing sufficient income to meet basic needs without using social services.

Good for Society

Living wages stimulate the economy by raising consumer buying power & increasing access to education & healthcare.

Employees paid a minimum wage cannot meet their financial needs and must depend on social services. Employees paid a living wage meet their financial needs, increase their savings, and increase their buying power.

How Raise Arizona Helps

Raise Arizona helps by connecting certified living wage businesses with consumers. We've assembled a strategic marketing plan and network that helps make paying a living wage a benefit for both employees and employers.

How We Calculate a Living Wage

Raise Arizona utilizes the Universal Living Wage Formula. This formula relies on data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); this data is widely used by the banking and housing sectors to calculate rent and home loan rates. HUD defines housing security for an individual as spending no more than 30% of income on housing costs and determines local rental rates in line with this equation. Using HUD’s 2015 Fair Market Rent data, Maricopa County’s rate for a one-bedroom apartment is $735 per month.

Minimum Wage v. A Living Wage

A Living Wage ($14.13)

Minimum Wage ($8.05)



Full-time Earnings



2015 HUD Rent Guide
(Maricopa County, 1 bedroom)



Wages Spent on Housing



Remaining Balance



Annual Grocery Allocation ($5 per meal)



Monthly balance for taxes, gasoline, utilities, internet, cellphone, car insurance, health insurance, clothing, house supplies, and savings

Support a Living Wage

We are currently certifying businesses. Keep any eye out for the Raise Arizona Seal and support certified businesses. Feel free to contact us with any questions in the meantime.

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